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Aug 15, 2018

Drones are becoming more and more common in today’s society. Consumer products can be seen zipping around our parks. Commercial applications range from civil engineering projects to search and rescue. Drones are enhancing our society every day, at least our human society.


But are we forgetting about those with more than 2 legs? Drones are aptly named since they cause an unmistakable and constant noise that affects creatures great and small. Join the SoundGuys Podcast and special guests as we explore just what this new innovation might be doing to those who can’t tell us if it hurts.


SoundGuys is:

Chris Thomas - @CThomasTech

Lily Katz - @KatzGame

Adam Molina - @AdamLukas17

Joined by special guests:

Jonathan Feist



David Astorga

Airport Operations and UAS lead for the Oregon Department of Aviation

(David joined us as an expert in UAVs, not as a representative of the ODA)

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